5 days in Cancun – what we did on our vacation

Our friends at divePro Cancun, asked if we could describe about our overall experience on vacation in Cancun. We are from Burlington, Vermont, and scuba here is in Lake Champlain, which is nice, but we wanted to finish our Open Water Referral Dives somewhere warm. 

We could only plan a quick vacation 6 full days and back to work so this is what we did:

Day 1 

Left home early and flew all day. When we got to Cancun, we went around the facilities of the resort to get to know the whole place and had fun. Slept early.

Day 2 

We were on the beach in the morning and went scuba diving for our first 2 dives and visited the Underwater Museum

In the evening we went to La Isla mall to walk around and found amazing prices at several high end international boutiques, it’s an outdoor mall that has channels around like in Venice. And we went on the Giant Wheel ride!

Day 3

We did our last dives and got our scuba certification. It was so good. 

After lunch we were then picked up by our Taxi service recommended by divePro Cancun for a ride around Puerto Morelos prior to going to Cirque Du Soleil show, it was a great dinner/show experience. We have been to several like O and Alegria we had to go and were not disappointed 

Day 4 

Woke up really early and we headed to Chichen Itzá, my wife is a college history professor, and this was one of the reasons we came. We learned many things but the history about “chiclet” or chewing gum from a special tree that grows in Yucatán and how the sites were discovered by the guys that went for the gum of the trees to collect and use and export. 

We were glad we did not have to follow a big group around and had our own tour plan, on the way back the driver/tour guide brought us to a cenote to see the fantastic rock formations since part of the cavern was dry and at parts the sun came out providing an amazing scenery 

We went back and had tacos downtown Cancun at tacos Rigo an authentic Mexican taco restaurant. We both ate a lot and tried the many different flavors. Watch out for habanero sauces! 

Day 5 

we went to Isla Mujeres. we took a ferry and a golf cart. At south side where there are sculptures and some archeological sites. We walked right to the point and could see majestic views of the Caribbean and where dawn brings the first light at the easternmost point in Mexico, south point, Isla Mujeres.

We went to Playa Norte which is rated as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, to me it is the best. The colorful landscape, it’s calm shallow water, really beautiful. 

We had lunch at the market close by, it was really a great idea to go.  Best ceviche ever.

We went back to the resort and slept early.


Day 6

We woke really early to reach our flight and left to fly all day again 

Overall, it was a great time. We are already planning to go back. We want to go scuba diving the cenotes and learn more about the area. The Mexican people were all great, warm, helpful and we always felt very safe.

Thanks divePro Cancun team for helping us plan this wonderful trip. We will be back guys! 

Randy & Angie 

It’s never too early to start thinking about a new vacation, even during these atypical times. Everybody here in Cancun is preparing the reopening in the best and safest way so that you can freely and carelessly enjoy your stay that start with the dream, the hope and the planning.