Advance to the next level…

So you are a certified diver, recently scuba certified or maybe not so recent but you like us, love scuba diving and would like to learn more: 

75% of new divers say they want to improve their diving skills by taking additional classes, but just over 40% do so. When we ask why, many say, “I did not feel ready.” – PADI.

It is not as complicated as you think, the Advanced Open Water Diver course consists of “advancing” in general dive skill knowlege and hability, this course includes five different types of diving.

  • 2 core dives.
  • 3 theme dives.

During the core dives you will learn to deal with physiological effects of scuba diving and with the challenge of diving a deeper and learning more than basic underwater navigation skills using kick cycles and visual references.

Theme scuba dives will develop better understanding of currents, buoyancy control, as well as the underwater environment with fish identification.

In Cancun we offer the Advance Open Water Certification Course any time you are scuba diving in the area. And you can do it in two days.

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The best divers are versatile, knowledgeable and ready to dive in any condition. Do not stay behind and get your Advanced Open Water Diver course certificate.