Cancun is a majestic city…

Cancun is a majestic city…

Cancun is a majestic city, located at the mangrove jungle of the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun provides all types of magnificent natural attractions as well as a wide variety of activities meeting all tastes and preferences for various types of tourism.


Scuba Diving allows us to visit the Mexican Caribbean underwater, where the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System develops also know as the Gran Arrecife Maya (Great Mayan Reef). This coral system passes through 4 countries from the top of the Yucatan Península to the Gulf of Honduras and it measures 1000 km.

In Cancun part of this reef system make amazing scuba dives, caribbean life ecosystems develop in this area and the beautiful almost transparent blue Mexican Caribbean waters make scuba diving easy and fun for all.

beginner diving courses

Beginners can take a discover scuba diving course and visit shallow coral dive 10mt./33ft.

Certified divers and open water diver certification courses dives 3 and 4 can access coral reef dive sites to a depth of 60ft/18mts. Some dive sites have a combination of surrounding areas as coral formation tunnels.

Many different species of fish and coral, inhabit these fantastic areas.

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