Discovery Diving or Discover Diving

What is discovery diving?

A good amount of divers ask us about … the discovery dive!

There is no “diving discovery”!

Diving in Cancun or anywhere in the world is regulated by the world recreational scuba training conformed by diving agencies.

Each of these dive agencies has an introductory diving course, which is not a certification and is basically to try diving. Academic course, diving in confined water (scuba training in the pool with all the equipment).

PADI offers Discover Scuba (confined water diving training only) and Discover Scuba diving.

These programs are designed for beginners who have not experienced the magnificent sensation of having no gravity, and the weightlessness and sensation of the wonders of the underwater kingdom. It is an easy diving course that provides the skills to dive under the supervision of a diving instructor under 30 feet depth using a descent line.

This course in some parts of the world like in Cancun, is known as a resort course or also DSD, diving baptism, basic diver, discovery, diving lesson and many more.

At divepro Cancun Diving, our scuba introductory courses for beginner divers are easy and fun in a very safe environment thanks to our personalized and private services.

After this experience, beginner divers can continue; Full lifetime certification Open Water Diver Course in 1 half day more. Ask us how!

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We offer a diving section for beginners in Cancun.