cancun cavern diving

Dive and test your skill here are some recommendations

Cancun and Riviera Maya are the best places to practice cavern diving worldwide, Cenotes or Caverns in the area are part of the longest fresh water Cavern/cave system in the world through several entry points known as Cenotes.

These places were sacred to the Mayan Culture and represented entries to the underworld

Diving cavern is a specialized activity for the adventurous diver. Water in the cavern is fresh and rock formations are amazing. In addition, there is special flora and fauna in the underwater caverns. It is definitely not a specialization for the novice developer due to the closed space environment, low light and movement for complex passages and restrictions that require good training the Open Water Certification course that you may take with us before performing the phenomenal activity.

cancun diving

Here are some tips if it’s your first time diving:

  • Ready?: You need a previous training with a scuba diving instructor in your first dives
  • Never do it alone: ​​It is advisable to only scuba dive in the company of at least one person and not move away from each other more than 10 feet, communication underwater is also important as you will learn signs and signals
  • Do not hold your breath: Holding your breath can cause problems such as lung injury or panic attacks, stay calm. The divePro Cancun Diving team is trained to provide knowledge and training
  • Always ascend slower than your bubbles: Our body is not used to sudden changes in pressure so the ascent must be slow; A basic rule in diving is slower than the bubbles that are issued with each exhalation of air.
  • Keep your diving mask on at all times even at surface: underwater You may have trouble seeing, this happens because at times the lenses are fogged by the temperature difference between the water and your body. To avoid this you can clean the inside of the lens with saliva and there are many different brands of defoggers. We as well recommend when you buy a new mask to put dental cream on both sides to remove a special film the mask has when new
  • Do not move too much: remember water is 800 times denser than air, so underwater move slow this can help conserve your air for a longer dive
  • Be conservative: In diving, the more conservative you are, the safer you will be. Following the rules will keep you safe.
  • It is very important to equalize your ears every few feet or when requiered you can do it pinching your nose and trying to blow air out, also you can wiggle your jaw and move your head sideways or ascend a bit to relieve any disturbance and try to equalize easy

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