In shape with scuba diving

So, you are on vacation and generally a vacation is thought to be a relaxation and enjoyment period of time. During this time, tourists’ choices are so vast that they have all the comforts of home, and generally are provided a wide variety of leisure activities as well as amazing dining and many all-inclusive-resorts provide several themed food restaurants.

And if you want to keep fit, in destinations such as Cancun, the options certainly not lacking: gyms provided by resorts, walks on the beach, swims, tennis or golf, pool water aerobics and many more activities. Have you ever thought about scuba diving as a work-out? Well, you should! Keep reading and we tell you why!

Calories burned in 60 minutes by a person of 155 lb. weight

Scuba Diving is a leisure activity and a hobby, but it’s also considered as a sport, an adventure one: good for physical fitness as well as for your relax due to the long deep breaths!

(it’ is easy and almost anyone can do it, learn more about it)

Since scuba diving is a vehicle to be able to admire and become part of an amazing world that develops underwater, at times divers do not realize the level of work out that scuba in itself means! 

Moving your legs, streamlining your body, while displacing water with or against current allows divers to work a great part of your bodies just by kicking: long, straight kicks not folding your knees that come from your middle body and abdomen. Streamlining itself can be hard and more muscles are put to work. 

The deeper you go, the more pressure you feel. The more pressure, the more resistance and displacing water requires more strength. Drift dives are an excellent way to dive, but at times you need to dive against a bit of current. It’s like upgrading levels on a treadmill.

There are divers that carry their equipment and set their gear anywhere (as a certified diver). At times, the dive site is reachable only by walking, and your whole body works even just moving tanks to and from a training scuba confined water pool or moving tanks to a boat or entry. At divePro Cancun Diving our service provides carrying tanks and gear set up for our divers having our guests verify set up.


In Cancun, there are many activities you may find interesting: some help burn more calories than others, but the general idea is to have fun while doing it…and scuba diving, is definitely a fit&fun one!

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