Learn Scuba! Open Water Diver Certification

Learning to scuba dive is not complicated as you probably thought… it’s a matter of practice and skill.

If you have not taken a scuba diving course, you are missing a great part of the world.

The Open Water Diver Certification Course provides all the skills, dive training and knowledge you need to scuba dive.

The course is divided in 3 phases:

On the First phase, “Knowledge Development”, you will understand the basic concepts of autonomous scuba diving.

Second phase is confined water training, you will learn how to use scuba gear and apply concepts learned on academic lessons.

Third phase and most fun, “Scuba Diving in Open Water” All skills learned in confined water are verified, as well as getting to know the breathtaking underwater realm.

If you come on vacation to Cancun, make your Cancun Vacation a scuba certification holiday. Cancun offers pristine crystal clear warm Mexican Caribbean waters not only for scuba student divers but for certified divers it is a scuba amazing location!

Through the Open Water Diver Certification Course you will be with a Professional Scuba Instructor at all times,we assign a private instructor per party even for one student or certified diver, this way; providing a personalized scuba course our students always feel very comfortable at ease and at their own pace.

Part of what you need to know is all about scuba gear, and how it works. Here is more information about Scuba Equipment, please click this link.

We offer scuba diving courses for beginners from 8 years of age (Bubblemaker Program) through a fun approach, in a safe environment, teaching scuba diving lessons and dive training with patience, personalized service and attention for each student.

Our courses and classes are private, please Contact us for more information, special requests and availability.

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