Myths and Facts about Scuba Diving

Have you always wanted to see and experience the underwater world? Yes! Most of us do but lack of information or wrong information discourage many potential divers around the world. 

Here are some very popular myths about Scuba Diving and the facts that prove this wrong.

MYTH: Scuba divers are super humans that need to be in Olympic shape.

FACT: Anyone that can move their legs and breathe from their mouths, 10 years old and older, can dive in the open water (there are limitations for some physical and psychological issues like any activity or sport that require attention prior to scuba diving).

Potential divers at times visit Doctors for approval of certain conditions and scuba, always the opinion of a hyperbaric Doctor can help more than a General Physician (visit DIVERS ALERT NET WORK website for recommended dive physicians in your area).

MYTH: Scuba Diving takes weeks to learn and work and life in general allows divers to learn after work several nights a week for many weeks and then gotta do a weekend of training dives.

FACT: The Open Water Diver course is divided in 3 segments; academic (Manual self study and with an Instructor), confined water training (pool dives) and the 4 Open Water Certification Dives. We have adapted the program so potential Divers do it in a way that depending on students pace of learning and general ability it can be done in 2 days to 3 days!

Also students may take academics and confined water scuba dives and the certification dives here in Cancun with us.

MYTH: Scuba Divers carry extremely heavy gear/equipment and many appliances for it.

FACT: A Scuba Tank weights 15 kilos / 35 pounds other. Scuba divers use a buddy system and help each other. The rest of the gear also has some weight but underwater it is not so noticeable and on top there are different places and ways to get in water like walking in a quarry or lake, and boat diving like in our Cancun Scuba Dives.

MYTH: Scuba Diving is only for adult men!

FACT: Scuba is for divers, for any gender divers and 8-9 year olds can scuba dive in a pool without weight and supervised by a Scuba Instructor. 10 year olds and up can scuba dive in the Open Water!

Cancun Underwater Museum

MYTH: Scuba Diving is for workers that fix or build underwater.

FACT: Commercial Diving is totally different than recreational diving as it is different from technical diving and Cave diving. Different equipment, knowledge and training are required for any type of scuba divers different than recreational scuba. Here in Cancun, México and the area recreational diving as well as tech diving are offered.

MYTH: Scuba Divers need to bring a huge knife or spear because of the underwater aggressive life. “I saw Jaws and I am scared of any body of water!”

FACT: Underwater life is not aggressive, only when they feel threatened and no, nothing Underwater feeds on divers!

MYTH: Divers use oxygen to breath under water. (Very many believe that it’s oxygen tanks that are used for scuba).

FACT: Scuba is done with AIR tanks, air as we breathe in the surface is put in air tanks that can be alluminium or steel to keep air in so basically Scuba (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is taking air from top to breathe down there. Air is part oxygen part nitrogen (breathing nitrogen affects our body as pressure under water affects our air spaces).

MYTH: Scuba Diving is dangerous.

FACT: Driving, working, every activity has a risk, therefore there are guidelines and procedures to do things right. Same applies to Scuba.

beginner diving courses

MYTH: Scuba Divers are certified to always dive with a dive professional guiding them and making sure all is good. 

FACT: Although there is a scuba certification (Scuba Diver) that is limited to dive with dive professionals. Certified Open Water Divers May dive with ir without a dive professional and to rent or fill scuba tanks, certification card is required, so divers can dive on their own.

Our area, Cancun national park; visitors dive from a boat and always with a scuba professional. 

Our personalized and private services allow us to assist certified divers that wish to set up their gear or have us do it, we provide refresher  courses for any diver that wishes to go in confined water check of scuba diving skills 

MYTH: Once you obtain your Open Water Diver Certification there is nothing else to learn about scuba diving.

FACT: Once you are certified you can take scuba specialty courses, and all the continued education programs like Advanced Open Water Diver.

MYTH: In Cancun there are no great dives only in Cozumel.

FACT: Cancun is an amazing place to learn to Scuba dive as well as for certified Divers. Multiple dive sites like Wreck Dives, Cavern Dives, coral reef dives part of the Gran Arrecife Maya (Great Mayan Reef) and the great Cancun Underwater Museum.

Scuba diving is an amazing activity that may be done as a family, as a couple or a dive club with friends, if done correctly and abiding all restrictions and procedures.

Contact us for more information about Scuba in General and/or the dives and scuba courses we offer.