Open Water Diver Certification Scuba Dives

Open Water Diver Certification Scuba Dives

Referral Dives

The most fun part of the Open Water Certification course are the 4 scuba Dives

These training dives are done according to all standards procedures and requirements for all Scuba agencies

These is a great option of obtainig your scuba diving certification.

You can do the academic and confined water dives back home at any dive center close by, then on your vacation in Cancun, you can do the open water certification dives.

To be elegible for doing the course as a referral open water diver certification student you must bring a record and referral format from the dive center you did your academics and confined and confined water sessions and signed by a Teaching Status Scuba Instrucor

Cancun has several scuba diving sites as coral reefs and underwater museum that are great for scuba diving courses

Dives 1 and 2 are mandatory shallow dives and the underwater museum in Cancun as well as coral reef ecosystems are perfect for course developments and skills

Dives 3 and 4 are done in a different day descending to 18mts 60ft maximum depth

as well skills and all requirements for academics and confined water sessions must be passed and done prior to these Scuba dives

Your own Scuba Equipment is not necessary for the certification dives, we can provide all requiered scuba gear, if you have a preference or your own fins, mask, wet suit bring them along!

There are several options to get your Scuba Certification this is one of them

Please click this link for more information on the full Open Water Diver Certification here in Cancun in less time than doing the academics and confined water dives back home: