Scuba divers’ role in this World Wildlife Day

Simple rules can make a huge difference for our beloved playground.

In this day and age, nature and wildlife require commitment, we cannot depend on Governments, nor on associations, we have to get involved!  It is required to divulge and expose this problems as well as all possible solutions, wildfire and nature form a symbiotic circle with humans if one is affected the other will be as well. Other than donate and get involved, in everyday life we can do many improvements in our ways in order to affect as less as possible.


Underwater wildlife is amazing, it is a different world down there. There are many varieties of types of all kinds of life, some not even identified yet. Scuba Divers can help the environment!


Here are some recommendations about what you as a diver can do to help our underwater wildlife:


• Wildlife is all around us on top of us, beneath us. We need to know that there are species such as coral reefs, and minuscule life that develops around it that may seem like non living but they are. So recognizing your surrounding underwater while scuba diving is first and foremost

Do not touch! Coral reef takes decades to grow, a simple brush by a finger kills life so please don’t touch any species underwater. In some cases species feel threatened and feel harassed and in peril. Why should they feel this way?

No dumping anything in the water like cigarette butts, bags/boxes for lunch or any food, no dumping oil nor fuel not leaving anything behind that may be down there for thousands of years polluting the home of millions of sea inhabitants.

• While Scuba Diving you can streamline yourself and keep good buoyancy control, this way you can avoid getting close to the coral reef and species down there. If you are close to any of the more notable species like turtles, sharks, moray eels, rays, it is best to stay away and not make sudden movements they are as well sensing if there is danger. If you take photos try to stay buoyant and not reachable touch.

• There are many underwater organisms that use mimetism and several skin pigments that can change for protection. It is very easy to confuse a rock with a rock fish or scorpion fish, also to touch rays that are hidden under the sand because of negative buoyancy.

A Spotted Scorpionfish (Scorpaena plumieri) – Ph Rob Atherton

Do not take souvenirs, you may be taking life with you

Do not drag gear onto the coral. Please keep all hoses with holders or snap them to the buoyancy control device so they do not get stuck and eventually break anything.

Wear skin uv protection shirts or full suits, don’t wear sun blockers or oils even if they state they are biodegradable

Study and be informed about the scuba dive you are diving, what kind of nature develops there?, what are the rules for going underwater?

• In Cancun the Secretary of Natural Resources, through the Natural Protected Areas, enforce several rules as well as programs to help marine environment

• Cancun divers participate in programs such as cleaning of beaches and lagoons as well as getting garbage out of our beloved second home

GET INVOLVED! There are many ways to be involved and to take action.


It takes action to change, a few changes in your life can do a lot more than you realize!