Scuba Diving and Covid-19

Well, the good news is that you can’t catch coronavirus underwater! Nevertheless, it makes sense to take precautions when you’re off scuba diving, whether that be on a distant liveaboard or at the local club. 

Covid-19 is spread just like the common cold and influenza, it can be caught from a person’s sneezing or coughing, and can exist for short periods of time outside of the body where it could be picked up and transmitted by surface contact. Above and beyond the hygiene standards advised by the WHO, the following recommendations from DAN should help prevent transmission and infection by divers

  • Use mask defog solution or soap, not saliva, don’t spit to clear your mask

  • Thoroughly disinfect masks (especially the nose pockets), snorkels, regulators and BCD oral inflators before and after use.

  • Other potentially infectable items might include orally-inflatable SMBs and BCD whistles. Be thorough.

  • Make sure the interiors of regulators and snorkels are properly cleaned, not just the mouthpiece.

  • Take care when practising air-sharing exercises or buddy checks where two people might share the same regulator.

  • Pay particular attention to rental gear. You may wish to ask for it to be disinfected prior to use, even if the staff say it was properly washed after its last outing.

  • Commonly used antibacterial cleaning products – such as mouthwash – are ineffective against coronaviruses. A 10% bleach solution or other appropriate cleaning agent cleaner should be used (household cleaning products, alcohol etc) and – needless to say – thoroughly rinsed afterwards.

  • Avoid communal rinse tanks that are not bleached or otherwise cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

  • Carry disinfectant wipes in your kit bags when you’re away from the dive centre. Make sure you dispose of them carefully.

Make sure you keep yourself as up-to-date as possible with the latest advice, and dig a little deeper than the news media’s headlines for information. There’s a short list of useful information below which – while not entirely comprehensive, does at least offer advice from the people who know best. As per the introduction, the Covid-19 pandemic is something that each of us needs to take seriously, but as most divers will know, panic will solve absolutely nothing: and like all we do in Scuba Diving stop, think (check a lot of stuff), then act.

We at divePro Cancun Diving, are always informed with the latest real news directly from the trustable sources, and we are following all procedures and protocols as well as security measures to keep all scuba divers safe, beginning with staff, so we can keep providing the best scuba diving services in Cancun!