Scuba Diving for Children

Kids are amazing scuba divers, and fast learners.

Scuba Diving Underwater seems to be the closest to actually flying independently and different from swimming (swimming on surface is displacing water to get to a point).
Kids find scuba interesting when they are surrounded by an easy, fun environment!
Scuba Diving has become accesible to children through scuba programs designed for them at different ages:
8 – 9 year olds can do the PADI Bubble Maker program, confined water maximum depth for scuba training and dives 4mt/12ft
10-11 year olds can take Discover Scuba Diving and the JUNIOR Open Water Diver Certification course
Divers 10-11 years old must dive with a PADI Professional or a certified parent/guardian, Maximum Depth for scuba diving 12 mt / 40ft.

Continued Education Scuba Diving Courses for kid.

12-14 year olds that hold a Junior Open Water Diver Certification Card may continue to scuba courses
  • Junior Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Junior Rescue Diver.
  • Junior Master Scuba Diver Courses.
12-14 year old divers in this scuba courses dives may reach a maximum depth of 21 meters / 70 feet.
At 15 years old scuba divers can request their change to Open Water Diver.
Make your next Cancun Vacation your family scuba certification holiday if you are a certified diver and wish to have your kids certified or if your family wants to become scuba certified divers please contact us.
The underwater realm in Cancun as well as diverse types of dive locations allow Scuba Courses in Cancun a fantastic experience.
At divePro Cancun Diving, professional, patient, experienced Scuba Instructors provide personalized, private services in a relaxed, safe and fun environment!

So….Let’s go Diving!