scuba diving is relax

¡Scuba Diving is a Relaxing Activity!

There are several types of scuba, recreational scuba diving is relaxing.

It is done taking long deep breaths that provide relaxation and calm.

When scuba diving every breath exerted converts air from the scuba tank to bubbles, these bubbles when breathing out make a very singular sound that stays throughout the scuba dive.

Like many things in scuba, it was believed that a scuba diver must look like a sport champ with big muscles, a huge knife at his waist and very heavy scuba gear to carry!

Totally wrong!


Anyone can scuba dive! Yes anyone, fitness in scuba diving does not require perfect professional sports health nor heavy carrying.

It is said in the world of scuba divers that if you can breath from your mouth and move your legs, YOU CAN SCUBA DIVE!

It is totally true although one thing is that it is not really for anyone. The only limitations are health issues such as back surgeries, sinus and ear problems, any type of heart deseases as well as lung issues.

When you enroll for a Scuba Diving Course in Cancun as the OPEN WATER DIVER Scuba Certification program.

Or Scuba Diver course as the Discover Scuba Diving course all for beginners, you must provide a medical history questionnaire and talk to your Scuba Instructor in case there is a health issue a doctor can provide better information.

Please let us assist for any doubts or questions you may have about scuba diving and your health as well as for availability for the Open Water Diver Certification course during your Cancun vacation.

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