Scuba Ear Equalization Tips

Below, we tell you about some of the effective methods and tips that you can try to achieve better equalization

As you know, our body is mostly made of water, but there are a few air spaces such as alveoli in the lungs, as well as the air space in ears and sinuses. There is as well air between a scuba mask and our face.  


The deeper you descend the more pressure you feel: this can cause an imbalance.

So in order to descend while scuba diving, we need to equalize (or balance) the air spaces and pressure.


When you take a Scuba Diving Certification Course, you are taught techniques in how to equalize your ears; there are several methods that you can try. Here are some tips to achieve better equalization:

  • Pinch your nostrils and blow (Valsalva Maneuver). Do it GENTLY. 

  • If you cannot achieve equalization, do not attempt to descend. Stop and signal your buddy or scuba instructor, then try to go up a bit and then try again.

  • Another way is to wiggle your jaw so the eustachian tubes can expand and allow air to travel easier.

  • Move your head up and down and also move your head sideways, helping air reach the air space.

  • Swallow, you can swallow saliva to help air move.

  • Try to go down feet first

  • As soon as you feel ear discomfort, stop the Valsalva Maneuver (pinch nose + blow) and go up a few meters/feet and try again.

  • Do not scuba dive with a cold/allergy. Obstructed air ways may damage your ear. Flu/Cold medicine at times wears out under pressure and it may be a peril.

  • Do not over do the Valsalva Maneuver

  • If you have tried equalizing techniques and can achieve it, massage behind your jaw beneath your ears.


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