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Underwater Communication – Scuba Divers Language –

Recreational Scuba Diving allows us to explore the underwater world! We are able to breathe underwater with special equipment designed to allow us to breathe and control our buoyancy while Scuba Diving. 


Even though sound travels faster in water we cannot communicate as we normally do by speaking and we need to communicate to check if all is ok, to check how much air is left in your tank etc. 


So in order to communicate, recreational scuba divers learn to use hand signals (here are some hand signals used underwater) : 


Hand signals are the same for any certification agency, taught in beginner courses, Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Diver certification courses.  Besides hand signals it is recommended to own a scuba slate, where you can write and draw: there is a wide variety of this type of products. 

scuba slate
scuba slate 02
scuba slate 03

It is very important to remember that if you bring anything underwater to scuba dive like a camera, a slate etc, it must always be attached to your buoyancy control device (scuba vest). So it’s close and safe in case you let it go.

There are also advanced systems that allow you to talk and breathe: these masks are designed for communication and are called Full Face masks 


James Cameron, the Hollywood movie producer/director, during the making of the film “The Abyss” used gear that was specifically designed since Cameron wanted the audience to recognize the actors while wearing the equipment. 

tank banger
Tank rattle signal
Getting attention underwater may be a hard task, so it’s best to own a “tank banger” or a rattle device 

At surface scuba divers that had to go up for low on air situations or when finishing a dive at times current may affect localizing the diver or group of divers. So it is good to own a scuba whistle (non underwater use) and a “safety sausage” 

safety whistle
safety sausage divePro

As you can see, it is easy to communicate underwater knowing the right tools that will provide safety and comfort while Scuba Diving 

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