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Whale Shark are Amazing

Miguel Cachoa 
General Assistant divePro Cancun Diving. Scuba Instructor DAN Instructor Trainer.

Whale Sharks are amazing, also called gentle giants or dominoes for the pigmentation of their skin.

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The Whale Shark migration passes by Cancun every year, looking for warm waters to mate and feed. Whale Sharks feed on Plankton and small species, they can measure a length of 20 feet to 30 feet long and weigh 20.6 tons.

They are considered a vulnerable species not endangered yet, but the population of Whale Shark numbers is decreasing.

Whale Sharks are filtered feeders, they open their mouth and while moving and use a form of feeding called cross-filter feeding.

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The Whale Shark is considered the biggest fish in the ocean and like to follow warm, shallow waters of the tropics, considered pelagic species, but at times they dive down to as deep as 5,900 feet. Despite their size, Whale Sharks are docile to human interaction which is limited to not touching them.

Several rules are to be followed when you visit the Whale Shark Migration area in Cancun:

  • Use only biodegradable sunscreen.
  • Use of a life vest or a wet suit to swim among Whale Sharks.
  • Use of flash or artificial light to photograph Whale Sharks is forbidden.
  • No disposing of garbage in the area.
  • No feeding nor throwing food.
  • No touching the Whale Sharks.
  • Swim and snorkel only no Scuba Diving.
  • No sonar or localization ping equipment in the area.
  • Use a reputable tour provider to visit the Whale Shark migration in Cancun.

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