diving equipment

What do you need to dive?

Here is what you need to know about scuba diving equipment…

Scuba Diving is an activity that the most  important point  is to have a good time, relax and enjoy the marine ecosystems. To start diving, it is important to have the necessary equipment/gear and training on how to use it.

Temperature Protection Dive Suits:

Its basic function is to isolate us from water to maintain our temperature. There are three types of diving suits:

Wet suit

Wet suit.

Recommended use in tropical waters. Keep a layer of water between the suit and our skin and your body life to keep us comfortable.


Semi-dry suit

Semi-dry suit.

Ideal for dives in warm and cold waters. With the amount of water is less, usually have zippers on the neck, hands and feet, improving thermal insulation.

Dry suit

Dry suit.

These suits allow us to dive in very cold waters (approximately 4-15 ° C).

The three types of suits are made of neoprene or trilaminated in the case of dry suit.


The first thing we should think before choosing our fins is always going to be comfort before design.

Closed Heel Fins.

Designed to be used barefoot, ideal for snorkeling and diving in warm and shallow waters.

Closed Heel Fins

Open heel fins.

Ideal for scuba diving in cold waters or if we have to walk at some point, they are adjustable with clips that make them more accessible.

Open heel fins

Scuba Mask 

“The human eye can not focus underwater.” The mask creates an air space so that your eyes can focus and see clearly underwater. “

To choose a scuba mask it  should feel well adjusted to your  face, be well adhered and remain leak free.

Scuba Mask

Scuba Tank.

It is a hard container that keeps the compressed gas that we breathe during the dive and is prepared to withstand as much as 200 bar / 3000 psi.

Depending on the place where they are used scuba tanks are made of different alloys;  in Europe its construction is usually made of steel, and in the Caribbean they are made of aluminum.

Scuba Tank

Buoyancy Control Device.

Its function is to control  buoyancy, allowing divers to keep stable, it is important that a good vest fits our body good, to minimize the effort of resistance and swimming underwater, and that it is comfortable and light on shoulders and waist.

Buoyancy Control Device
Sherwood SR2 Regulator


Scuba Regulators 

A regulator is one of the most important parts of scuba gear because it provides air to breathe. 

It is designed to have 4 different hoses that allow us to have a regulator for breathing, another regulator to provide air to our buddy, another hose indicates the remaining air pressure in the tank and the low pressure hose that provides air to the vest to maintain positive buoyancy.

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